An Integrated Monography

The magazine is a collection of the 43 points of the
Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, written by Bruce Mau
in 1998 and dedicated to creatives and designers.


Team: G. Locatelli, E. Monasteri, T. Zavattiero
Year: 2018

The monography is divided into four sections, each of which designed by a member of the group and inserted in a pocket structure, so that each part can be both an indipendent piece in itself and a unique magazine once assembled.

The Manifesto is integrated with quotes, articles and texts taken from the books published by Bruce Mau, which focus on the social and ethical commitment that emerges from work of the designer.

Each section interprets some points of the Manifesto in an interactive and multisensory way, doing emerge different levels of reading. There's some examples: an embossing and a creasing to interpret these points.