Georges Simenon

The visual book shows the reader the essential theme
of the Simenon's 1961 novel, the break, communicating
it on more levels: in its form and content.


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Year: 2020

The silent book, composed of a photographic sequence and placed in the lower part of the book, reveals a plot parallel to the text of the novel, placed in the upper one, but independent of it.

The narrative plot hidden in the sequence of photos (of breaks, but also of images that are visually similar but which refer to the exception of the fracture as a rebirth and symbol of life) gives the reader a reflection, starting from the particular case of the protagonist of the novel to result in the broader meaning of break in his complexity.

Some details of the binding made by Giovanni Codina. The back cover holds the two parts of the book together and allows it to fold over itself, allowing a more comfortable use.